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Is your chocolate too good not to share or too good to share?  That’s a question we’ve been discussing here at Bellafina Chocolates after receiving an email from a customer.  Justin purchased a box of chocolates for his mother in Kansas and writes “Mom absolutely loved the chocolates.  Usually she shares this type of gift with others but not these, they are too good to share!  Keep up the good work.” 


And with this email, the debate began.  So often friends will say “Oh my goodness, this is delicious, you should try it!”  And then the sharing begins…but what if our truffles are simply TOO GOOD to give up even one taste?  What if they incite such pleasure to one’s taste buds that sharing just isn’t an option?

We’d like to know if Jennifer from Michigan shared her box of chocolates.  She says, “These are possibly the best chocolates I have ever tasted IN MY LIFE, and I have tasted A LOT of chocolate!!!!!!”  What makes Bellafina Chocolates so special?  Is it the fact that they are made with no extra sugars or preservatives?  The fact that they are made fresh and shipped right away?  Is it the beautiful packing, attention to deal and customized truffles that grab our attention?  Whatever it is, the personal testimony that continues to pepper our ears with praise should be one reason you try a Bellafina truffle as soon as possible!  Then you can ask yourself, “Is this just TOO good to share?”Bellafina Chocolates Club Gold Membership

.As we began to think about sharing, we discussed the fact that personal testimony is the best way to promote a product and we want everyone to know about and experience our quality chocolates.  We also want to make sure that those who devour our chocolate know the importance of their purchase.  That each purchase of a delicious chocolate treat sends more money to those in need.  Because Bellafina donates 100% of profit to children’s charities, it only makes sense that the more chocolate we sell the more money we can donate!


Over the years we’ve collected quite the list of compliments and we think it only fitting that we share just a few of these with you!


Andy from Santa Marie, California admits, “I never really thought I liked chocolate.  Then I tried Bellafina Chocolates and now I am addicted!  They are tremendous!!!”


“Your chocolates are beautiful and delicious. Thank you for the gift box that you gave me today. I love that you give all of your profits to charity.” – Crissy from TenneseeYoung-Artist-4pc-Box-Wildflower-Series-Fire-Pink.jpg

“The chocolates were seriously incredible! I still haven’t shared them which is terrible but I particularly loved the red hot truffles. While I love chocolates, I am not usually the person who spends a lot on them but I would after tasting yours.” – Caitlin, Johnson City, TNBellafina-Chocolates-Myra-Phipps-small-gift-boxes.jpg