There are so many charities and organizations that are doing great things.  They are located all around us; as close as our city, state and country and as far away as Zimbabwe.  Bellafina Chocolates strives to help children in need close to home, but also by supporting agencies that provide care all around the world.  One such organization is Kuda Vana Partnership. The words “Kuda Vana” means “loving children” in the Shona language and loving children is exactly what this organization does!   

This is their mission statement: “Kuda Vana Partnership exists to empower the most vulnerable children of Zimbabwe to not just survive, but thrive. Our staff provide whole-person care to each child, including love, nutrition, security, healthcare, education, life-skills and spiritual and emotional guidance – enabling them to live more independent, dignified, and enriched lives.”  Kuda Vana fulfills this mission by operating four group homes and a nursery. Each home is led by a Mama and an Auntie who provides parenting to each child. Children stay with their same family unit until they are ready to leave the facility. While living in these group homes the children are loved and cared for, but they are also given responsibilities and training.  They learn to care for themselves and each other. They are paired with mentors to learn skills that will be valuable to their acquiring jobs as adults. They are becoming the men and women that God designed them to be and all because of the love and support given by those who work and support Kuda Vana.

Muku was brought to Kuda Vana from another children’s home that was forced to close.  His history is un-known but he is thriving and happy and loving his new family.

Trish was brought to Kuda Vana from another children’s home that had to shut down.  She was a bit frightened as were the others who were brought with her. She is now thriving and happy and loved in her new family.

Celia was abandoned as a baby girl and fought for her life after she was thrown in a pit toilet.  As a baby she was very shy and passive. She is like that no longer! She can now imitate reading Bible story books, memorizing the stories from what she hears in family worship and in church.  She is a sweet and lovely girl who learns things quickly.

Nyengeterai was a nine year old little girl who had been left at the hands of her sexually abusive father.  She wasn’t allowed to attend school or learn trade skills. After the abuse was reported by a neighbor, Nyengeterai was removed from the home and placed in the care of a Kuda Vana group home.  She is now 15 years old and is an apprentice at a small spa offering massage, facial, and manicure/pedicure services. She learns more each week and is excited to be practicing her new skills.


This artwork was drawn by one of the children at Kuda Vana

These are just a few of the stories we could tell you about the good things that are happening because of the Kuda Vana Partnership.  Bellafina has been supporting Kuda Vana since 2017. We donate financially to the organization, but the store also carries items for purchase with 100% of the profit going directly to the Kuda Vana Community.  You can also find Kuda Vana merchandise on our website. We hope you will consider donating to the Kuda Vana Partnership or purchasing your custom chocolate creations and directing the profits to the Kuda Vana families!