Bellafina Volunteers make hand-sewn quilts and clothing for SOW orphanages around the world so that a beautiful child just like this little girl can stay warm.


Since 2014, Bellafina Chocolates has been a proud financial supporter of SOW, or Serving
Orphans Worldwide. This wonderful nonprofit organization has been assisting orphans around
the world get the care and support they need and deserve. There are many unhealthy situations
and problems an orphaned child may find themselves a part of, including disability, sex
trafficking, abuse, abandonment, armed conflict, and drug addiction. No child should have to
deal with these issues alone. Here is where SOW takes action and finds a way to better the lives
of many children around the world!

  Founded by CEO, John Gregory and Vice President, Ken Anderson, SOW works with over 50
orphanages in 27 countries and spread across 5 continents all with one goal in mind: the power
of possibility in the hands of every orphaned child. Faith plays a vital role in every orphanage of
SOW and is the basis for their core values and beliefs. Beyond that, these orphanages offer
career driven activities in order to ensure the financial success of older teenagers leaving their
facilities. SOW provides feeding programs, clothing, in-house, private and public education,
extracurricular activities and of course faith strengthening worship. The goal is to develop adults
who will further their education, start their own businesses, and become fully engaged members
of their community.

Below is an excerpt from
“Although family is the ideal solution to the orphan crisis, we understand that it’s
not an immediate option for most children globally. That’s why we believe our
place in the ever-evolving landscape of orphan care is to support orphanages and
children’s homes. We do whatever it takes to rescue struggling homes from
failure or destitution, because we know failure isn’t an option when the lives of
children rest in your hands. We come alongside partner homes with training
opportunities to raise their standards of care, because we believe every child has
a right to a safe and nurturing childhood. And we provide the means for our
orphanages to pursue self-sustainability, because we want more for them than
mere survival.”

Proceeds from any purchases will go directly to Serving Orphans World Wide. If you would like to help this worthy cause don’t hesitate click this link and help today.

You can check out their website for more information and to read personal stories, but you can
also make a difference with just a purchase of chocolate from Bellafina Chocolates. The
proceeds from your personal or corporate chocolate gift purchase can be designated directly to
the SOW cause. We love that buying chocolate is an easy way to help support an orphanage on the other side of the world!