Gogo Olive Stuffed Animal Keychains


These adorable, handmade key rings can be attached to house or car keys to make sure they are never misplaced again! They are a great way to brighten up a handbag or make a child’s school bag or diaper bag easy to identify.
GoGo Olive is a nonprofit located just down the road from one of our charitable partners, Kuda Vana Children’s Home, in Mutare, Zimbabwe. They employ vulnerable and incarcerated women to knit these beautiful animals, and we love them!
Every purchase you make through Kuda Vana’s website benefits women working at GoGo Olive, and children at Kuda Vana!
Please Note: each keychain is unique and we have limited supply.  If there is a specific animal you are interested in, add it to the “Notes” and we will see if we have it in stock.  Otherwise, let us surprise you with the perfect animal friend!


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