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Ship your gifts to arrive exactly how you’d like!  Specify the date you’d like your gifts to arrive.  Choose if you’d like us to direct ship each gift to the recipient or ship them all to you to deliver in person.  Local customers may also choose to pick up your order in our shop in downtown Kingsport, Tennessee.  After making your choices, email the addresses to  We’ll take care of the rest!

  • Adjust quantity below to match the number of gifts you are shipping. Email us a spreadsheet with your shipping addresses to We'll take care of the rest!
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Additional information

Direct shipping

We can direct ship each gift to its recipient via Priority Mail or can ship all your gifts to you for delivery in person. Adjust the quantity on the warm weather/cool weather shipping item to match the number of shipping addresses you have.

Warm weather shipping

We ship year-round across the U.S. If the weather is likely to be above 70 degrees in our location or the recipients', select warm weather shipping. We will package your order in special warm weather packaging and ship with an ice pack.

Ship all gifts to you

We can ship all your gifts to your office for personal delivery to your customers. Just select this option and we'll invoice you separately for the actual cost of shipping. Bellafina Chocolates make a great excuse for a personal visit to an important client!


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