Mother’s Day can bring mixed emotions for many.  Everyone has a mother, a woman who birthed them and brought them into this world but many times that mother isn’t a mom.  You may be one of the lucky individuals with a loving, caring, and amazing mom. Or you may be a person whose mother has passed from this world and sadness remains behind for you.  It could be that your mother has struggled with decisions that left you in a place of hardship. You could be that mother making decisions that affect the relationship you have with your child.  You may be a woman who desires to be a mother but have not been granted this opportunity. And through all of these situations one’s emotions can be all over the place. Let me encourage you in each of these seasons that our God is our comforter and will provide you with the tools to power through.  

Psalm 119:76 “May your unfailing love be my comfort, according to your promise to your servant.”

Here at Bellafina Chocolates we recognize the struggle that surrounds motherhood!  We strive to bring together our love for chocolate with our desire to help struggling mothers.  We do this in several ways: we employ women who need a hand getting back on their feet, we provide a flexible schedule for those women so they can be with their children, and we support local agencies that mentor and train mothers who are struggling.  One of these agencies is Families Free.

The Families Free mission is to strengthen this community and build the capacity of vulnerable families in East Tennessee. They do this by providing treatment, intervention services, employment through social enterprise opportunities, and support for women and families affected by substance abuse, incarceration, and domestic instability. The combination of quality, evidence-based services and the faith-based principles of compassion, healing, and restoration guide their work and their programs. This, in turn, helps the community’s at-risk and often overlooked populations achieve and maintain positive lifestyle changes.  You can learn more about this amazing organization by checking out their website at , or purchase Woven coffee to benefit Families Free at

What are other tangible ways that a love for chocolate partner with a desire to see success in motherhood?  Proceeds from each box of chocolate purchased is donated directly to agencies that impact the lives of mothers and children including Families Free.  As Mother’s Day approaches you can buy a box of chocolates for your mom. You can buy a box of chocolates for someone who is struggling with infertility and let them know that you’re thinking of them.  You can buy a box of chocolates for yourself to provide a pick me up when you feel like you’re struggling as a mom or to celebrate your parenting success. Your box of gourmet truffles is waiting! Come see us at Bellafina Chocolates today!