From today until March 31, 2020, Bellafina Chocolates will match all profits made through Kuda Vana Partnership’s fundraiser page, doubling the funds that benefit the vulnerable children of Zimbabwe!

Bellafina Chocolates is in its third year of working with Kuda Vana Partnership, a children’s home in Zimbabwe that aims to help the children in their care to not just survive, but thrive. “Kuda Vana” means “Loving Children” in the local language of Shona, and that is exactly what they do. Each child is given love, nutrition, security, healthcare, education, life skills, and spiritual and emotional guidance.

Bellafina Chocolate’s contributions to Kuda Vana Partnership are utilized to ensure the infants in the Hope House Nursery are provided with the nutrition, healthcare, and educational play that they need to thrive. Hope House Nursery is the only children’s home nursery in this region of Zimbabwe – without it, infants who are found abandoned can languish in local hospitals for months. Each infant brought to them comes through Zimbabwe Social Services, and unfortunately it has been determined there is no family able to care for them.

Their newest and smallest family member is Jasi, a three-month old preemie baby whose miraculous journey to Hope House Nursery began when he was found abandoned and covered with ants under some banana trees. He was brought to a local hospital to receive necessary care, but aside from efficient hospital feedings, he was never truly held until he was brought to the children’s home. Now he is given all the love and care he needs and deserves! Read more of Jasi’s compelling story here.

When Jasi and two other infants were brought to their attention, Kuda Vana had reached their limit and did not have enough funds to take in new children, especially infants! However, they took a step of faith and three days later, the Lord answered their prayers – they received the necessary funds and social services made an exception! The three infants now have a place to call home and people to call family, giving them a greater chance to have a bright, thriving future.

We would like to help ensure that the vulnerable children of Zimbabwe who are brought to Kuda Vana’s doors will never have to be turned away. Every time you purchase our products through Kuda Vana Partnership’s fundraiser page, 100% of profits are dedicated to this amazing organization. And from today until March 31, Bellafina Chocolates will match all funds raised, which means that 200% of profits will be sent to Kuda Vana Partnership and Hope House Nursery – to Jasi and the other infants they care for!

Join the challenge now! Purchase your chocolates now and choose to pick them up or have them shipped at a later date. Easter is just around the corner!