Beauty and Health Hacks the Chocolate Way
Chocolate should be universally loved and accepted! Every person should love
chocolate and reap the benefits that come from this heavenly sweet treat. Not only is it
good for your taste buds but, studies show that it can also be good for your heart and
lowering cholesterol.
As I was trolling the internet due to my passion for all things chocolate, I found this
interesting bit of information about the benefit of chocolate on the body. You can read
and learn more at Eating chocolate may have the
following benefits:
 lowering cholesterol levels
 preventing cognitive decline

 reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems
Oh and ladies it’s good for your skin! Dark chocolate is especially useful because it
contains a higher amount of antioxidants. Speaking of chocolate being good for your
skin I found a little recipe for a DIY face mask that I’d like to share with you! It never
hurts to pamper yourself and this is a good way to start.
Ingredients: 2 bars of Dark Chocolate, 2/3 cup of milk, sea salt, and 3 tablespoons of
brown sugar
 Heat Chocolate in a double boiler for about 3 minutes
 Mix sea salt, brown sugar, and 2/3 cup of milk in a bowl
 Remove melted Chocolate from heat
 Mix melted chocolate with salt / milk mixture
 Allow to cool and apply to face while cool but not hardened Leave until it hardens and wash off with lukewarm water

It’s important to take care of ourselves not only physically but spiritually as well.
You may wonder, what does that have to do with chocolate? It’s important that
you remember that here at Bellafina Chocolates we are not interested in making
a ton of money to put in our pockets. We want to generate more sales and bring
in more financial capital to donate to charities. There are so many things that we
want to do, but we physically can’t do….. like drive to Africa to help feed the
hungry or adopt every child in need of a forever home but, what we can do is
take our profit from chocolate sales and donate it to those agencies that support
mothers and children. We help by providing finances to get better educational
opportunities for moms and kids, providing clothing for those who need it, and
many other things. Chocolate tastes great, provides many amazing benefits
physically, and by purchasing from Bellafina Chocolates it benefits women and
children in need. I like to think chocolate is just good all around.


By: Sunday